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R & D

The test services provided by the Concept are not just measurement results based on test results. It is a service that fully understands the origin of the manufacturer's EMC, LVD, Performance, Acoustic and Mechanical problems and offers a product-specific, cost-effective solution. We provide a critical service for the design of puzzles as soon as possible. In addition, strengthening our R & D activities with EMC training provides competitive advantage. With the investments we have made, we have established test infrastructure that is not yet in our country, we provide R & D, testing and certification services to more than 1200 domestic and foreign companies with electromagnetic emission up to 40 GHz and field intensity up to 450 V / m. Especially with the test of automotive electronics and Military systems, we are in the side of our manufacturer with many test services. With our test infrastructure and experience, we are rightfully proud to be among the first in Europe.

In order to produce electromagnetic compatibility devices, the measures for electromagnetic interference must start at the design stage. As can be seen in the graphics and pictures above, the cost of solution is very high as there are very few solution options available for completed products. For this reason, we not only provide our customers with testing service but also support from the design stage.

In addition to the support provided to the products of our customers who are in research and development activities, the Consept Test and Technology Center is continuing its AR-GE activities.