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Consept Test and Technology Center provides research and development, testing and documentation services as well as training and seminars in the direction of requests.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) issue, which was first studied on the military arena (a consequence of a series of unexplained devastating events), became mandatory for all electronic devices, with the European Union issuing the EMC directive 89/336 / EC on 3 May 1989. (Note: this directive does not cover all devices.)

According to this directive:

The electromagnetic emissions generated by the devices must remain below certain limits.
The devices must be able to operate without degradation under the influence of the electromagnetic environment at a certain level.
The EMC directive was introduced on 1 January 1992 and has been redefined by Directive 92/31 / EEC. On January 1, 1996, the transition period was over.

As you can see, EMC's history is quite new even in the European Union countries. Therefore, the number of people with adequate navy in this issue is very small. Many product designers are unaware of EMC or have little knowledge. The products designed for this reason are not electromagnetic compatible and cause serious interference. In order to produce electromagnetic compatibility devices, the measures for electromagnetic interference must be started at the design stage. The solution options that can be applied for finished products are very low while the cost of the solution is very high. For this reason, our customers are given training and seminars on what is electromagnetic compatibility and what to pay attention to during the design and production stages of the products to be produced.

Contents of EMC Training:

Basic knowledge
Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Electromagnetic Environment Effects (E3)
Emissions and Immunity Concepts
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
EMC Standards (Civil - Military)
Basic concepts
Electromagnetic Principals
Frequency - Time Relationship
Coupling Mechanisms
Soil - Bond Concepts
EMC and Design Process
Printed Circuit Design
In-Device Cabling
Instrument Design
I / O Filtering
External Connection Wires
EMC Process Control

We are also trained in issues such as product certification, technical dossier creation, type approval, directives, regulation and standards coverage and contents.