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It is called electromagnetic interference that electrical-electronic and electromechanical systems mutually interact with the electromagnetic energy that is released when they are in operation or with the electromagnetic energy which exists in the environment and that these systems are deteriorated in operating performance or become totally inoperable. The sources that emit energy can be either natural or human. Examples of these resources: Transcripts (human structure) Electric motors (human structure) Circuit switching elements such as relays (human structure) Industrial RF sources (human structure) Spark ignition engines (human structure) Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse - EMP (human structure) Lightning (natural) Electrostatic discharge (natural) Electromagnetic compatibility; Electrical-Electronic systems are within a defined security limit and at the designed performance level Unacceptable due to electromagnetic interference It can be explained as being able to work without worsening. EU Directives on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) require that these emission levels be kept within certain limits. Consept Test and Technology Center In accordance with these EU directives on EMC, Automotive electrical-electronic equipment (ESA) EU Directive and UN Regulations Manufacturer Standards (Volkswagen, LV 124, Mercedes-Benz, FORD, Aston Martin, Porsche, Toyota, GM, MAN, Renault, FCA, Audi, BMW, Case New Holland, Honda, Hyundai / Kia, IVECO, Mitsubishi, Nissan, PSA, Volvo. Railway applications (EN 50155, EN 50121-3-2) Tractor tests (WVTA, Full vehicle approval) Military Products (Mil-STD461 E-F-G) Industrial-Industrial Machinery (Machinery Directive) Medical products (Medical Devices Directive) Toys, Illuminations and Information Technologies, Telecommunication (Communication, Transceiver) Systems (RED), Products used in home and similar places, Laboratory Measuring and Control Devices, as well as Productivity, Acoustic and Performance evaluation testing services, along with tests under the Basic EMC and LVD Directives. It also provides turnkey solutions for research and development and product development.